Redline electronics

Chicago, Illinois 2 comments

Avoid rip off Rey like the plague.He has hundreds if not thousands of mortal enemies.

He destroyed my 3 day old electrical system= over $1,000 and blamed toyota?!! Run!!! Rey your going to ***!!! He has screwed my barber, my mechanic, my martial arts teacher, my tailor and my step brother.

He ripped off a young lady and when her dad came there to rescue her ray backed down, then he followed her on to the free way, cut her off got out and pulled her keys out and demanded the money back. He purposely screws up the alarm and auto start, then when u go back to complain he offers to take it out for more money?

Then he sells the same defective equipment to the next poor guy.Run!!!

Review about: Alarm Installation.


Cicero, Illinois, United States #674086

This place is a total ripoff,can't wait to catch Ray on the street he'll feel what its like to rip people off.stay away from this place unless you want to get screwed.

Mamaroneck, New York, United States #672064

He has ripped off all of these people, and you went there anyway? He has thousands of enemies, but you're the first on here I see.

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